Fighting CoVid19 with Steam:

Cleaning has never been more on the agenda during these unprecedented times.

Precision Cleaning Services want to help and play our part in enabling the nation to get back to work safely and productively.

Keeping business premises clean and sanitized is essential in these difficult times to stop the spread of COVID-19 infection. Thankfully there is a lot of guidance available now, including this publication from Public Health England and daily updates in the national media. 

There is a lot of emphasis on regular wiping and cleaning of hard surfaces with chlorine based disinfectant and there are some detailed guidelines here from the BICSc.

Steam cleaning is a proven method for cleaning and disinfection of hard surfaces, walls, floors and furniture.

Steam cleaners release very fine steam at temperatures of up to 180°C, under pressure, so can reach into every corner of every surface in a way that wiping with cloths or cleaning with brushes can’t do. Industry testing has demonstrated that steam cleaning removes 99% of germs, bacteria and other organisms.

If you need a competent cleaning provider to help eradicate your premises from CoVid19, then get in touch.